Monday, 24 March 2014

Let's Talk Pink Lipstick!

Today~ I'll be talking about Pink Lippies~ 
Few months back I have been going a little cray cray over Pink Lipsticks.
Especially those with blue undertones to it. 
Because I find that Pink Lipsticks with Blue undertones fits me better.
So these are the Pink Lipsticks that I have, that I find that it is worth the hype, so if you girls out there who are looking for a good Pink Lipstick/Gloss, you can try out those that I've mentioned :)
Most of it are super affordable too! ^^ 
My Lip stash. Consist of Lip Balm, Lipstick, Lip Gloss, Lip Butters etc

Before I start, I have to state that I have pigmented lips. 
By pigmented, I mean Super Pigmented. No joke. 
It's naturally red all the time, some people even thought that I used lipstick when I don't have anything on my lips! 

I have really red lips ever since I was young :)
I was called Fuji Apple when I was younger, because I had red lips and I also had super pink cheeks all the time. Especially when I feel hot, my cheeks will be flushed red. hehe! 

But hey! Isn't it good? At least I won't look so pale/dead without any lipstick on :P 

But! On the down side, I cannot go for sheer lipsticks if I want to achieve a solid bright colored lip. 
Neither can I choose any pale colors. It will just look weird on me.
Because my natural lip color will still peak through. Which makes it look really weird and ugly. 
In my entire Lipstick collection, I have only 1 nude Lip Butter from Revlon that I really love. It can tone down my naturally red lips and does not make me look "Sick". 

Therefore the Pink Lipsticks that I go for are usually Hot pink, Bright Pink, Barbie Pink~

Jumbo Lipsticks

1) Maybelline PinkAlert by Color sensational
I believe they have just released this Pink Alert range of lipsticks. It consist of 4 really pretty Bright Pinks and Coral Pink Lipsticks. As usual, I got a Bright Blue Tone Pink Lipstick shade for myself. It's so tempting to not get all of the colors from the range because it's just too pretty! 
Look at the swatches for all the shades! <3 oh gosh~ 
Pictures from Google.
However, I got POW 1.
I'm so tempted to get POW 4. But I shall resist! 

As described on Maybelline's Website, 


Amp up your pout by painting your lips with Maybelline’s Pink Alert by Color Sensational Lip Colors.

  • But, pink is never just pink, right? Maybelline brings you 4 different pink shades to choose from, so go ahead enjoy the magic of pink!
  • Here’s why you’ll love it:
  • • Features vivid color pigments for a sensational effect
  • • Enriched with honey nectar for a creamier feel
  • • Range offers 4 different bright pink shades
Whatever that is stated on their website is exactly what the product can show and produce! 
Texture wise, it's really creamy and moisturizing. Glides on really smoothly. Great color pigmentation too! What else can I ask for? ^^

2) Revlon Lip Butter in Sweet Tart
This Lip Butters are my go to lipsticks. When I'm in a rush I can just glide this on my lips and I'm good to go! Really easy to apply. No need to be too precise with these babies. 
Sweet Tart is a really pretty shade for an everyday look. It also has a lovely glossy finish on the lips.

3) YSL Glossy Stain 15 Rose Vinyl
This is the only stain that I love so far. I've tried the Etude House Lip stains and it didn't work well with my pigmented lips. It is a pigmented lip stain and yet glossy. 
The smell is a kind of rosy sweet which I know some people hate, but I personally really love it. Nothing bad to say about it. Amazing amazing amazing. 
Picture from Google.

4) 3CE Lipstick in Fuchsia
I believe you girls out there should be familiar with Stylenanda right? :D
This is shade Fuchsia is really vibrant. It's a gorgeous fuchsia pink with a hint of lilac, it's a cream based color and transfers to the lips amazingly. The pigmentation is superb! 
Pictures from Google.

This is a Barbie Pink color. Narcissus is one of NYX's best-sellers.
However..... I faced some problems with this lipstick.

SO, here are some tips from The Makeup Box []

The problem is that the very creamy, the slightly shimmery texture does not adhere to your lips well, so it will sink into lines, and streak and smear around every time you press your lips together. With a shade this bright, any unevenness is extremely obvious.

The trick? Layer this over a matte lipstick. 
The matte texture will absorb some of the grease in the texture and make Narcissus less slippery. This means it will stay more even on your lips. 
You can use a nude lipstick or even some concealer, but to retain the original intensity and not mute the color, a bright pink that is very similar in shade would be your best option.

6) NYX Matte Lipstick in Summer Breeze
This was one of the First Blue tone lipstick that I've gotten and have loved ever since. I typically don't wear a lot of matte but I actually really like these because they are pigmented, creamy, and apply smoothly. Usually, Matte lipsticks have a tendency to be drying; however, I didn't find these to be either drying or moisturizing although my lips felt comfortable for the most part. However, they will emphasize dry lips if you don't exfoliate and prep them prior to applying the lipstick.
Picture from Google. 
7) Mac Modesty Creamesheen
This is a Pinky Nude color. As I've mentioned earlier, I don't really suit nude lips. So if I'm looking for a lipstick that can tone down my red lips, I will normally look for a nude pink lipstick like Mac's Modesty. 
Pictures from Google.
8)Bourjois Color Boost 04 Peach on the Beach
Glides on pretty smooth. Buttery. 
But! Do exfoliate your lips before applying this. Because I've used this a few times before and I realized that this product will easily bring out your flakiness of your lips. Other than that issue, it's a good product overall. 
Picture from Google.
9) Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in 025 Sweetheart Valentine
Sweetheart Valentine is a beautiful fuchsia or pink shade that will beautify the lips. 
Color payoff is really awesome. Super pigmented color. It lasts for about 4 hours on me with meals, it’s so handy, one can always carry it around and re-apply.
Pictures from Google.

Let's move on to LipGlosses!~ 

1) Benefit Ultra Plush Lip-gloss in Lollibop
It seems pretty bright in the tube doesn't it? Don't be fooled, it's actually really sheer. So this Lip gloss can be applied above any Lipstick as an extra layer of Glossiness. I like having a few sheer Lip glosses around. They make my dry lips say, “Yay!”
Pictures from Google.
2) Lioele Blooming Gloss in Vanila Pink
I Love this Lip gloss. This is one lip gloss that has a slight pigmentation to it. Which is great! Means you can just wear it on it's own. Also, I loveee the scent of this gloss :P
Picture from Google.
3) Revlon Superlustrous Lip Gloss in Pink Pop
Really fun shade of pink. It definitely shows up on the lips but not as bold as it is in the tube. It is semi-opaque color. Love the creamy texture of the gloss a lot. Love Love Love this Gloss! 
Picture from Google.

Alrighty! This is it for my Pink Lippies post :)
My cray cray period of Pink Lippies has ended. 
Now I'm into Bright Orange and Coral Lip colors.
I will do a post on that soon :)

I hope you've enjoyed this post.
Till the next post~

Monday, 17 March 2014

Out with SEXYJ

If you guys were wondering what is SEXYJ?
Basically,it just represents 
Serene + Eve + XiaoYu + Jasmine.
Yup! They are my only group of friends that I can totally open up with.
My Secondary school friends are the Most precious friends to me :) 
It will always be that way. 
Since Jasmine is having her Intern now, she don't have the whole day to hang out with us. 
So we managed to squeeze out sometime to meet up with her for Lunch during her break.
Thank goodness her break is 4 Hours, which means more chatting session with my girls! 

We headed straight to Orchard to meet Jas~
Serene is on the phone with Jasmine
Busy Serene haha! 
Actually we had plans to go a Restaurant at Forum. But it was too far for Jasmine, so we decided to just have Lunch at ION.

Yay!!! Here comes Jasmine!!!
We took every opportunity to take selfies together :P
Girls deciding on where to have Lunch at.
It definitely a tough decision to make!
We didn't want to burn a hole in our pockets either.
And so.... we decided to have Lunch at Watami!
Come on, we're girls~ This is what we do when we are waiting for our food to arrive :P
As usual I ordered Chicken! This is super yummy!!! 
Like.....  SUPER SUPER yummy 
But my dessert kinda suck. It's tasteless.
We had soooo much laughter during and after the meal. 
Cherish those moments the most.

Group photo once again before Jasmine leaves for work!~ Noooooo
After Jasmine left, we decided to do some Window Shopping in town.
Walked around ION, Somerset,Scape and back to Orchard.
We did a lot of walking that day. 

It was dinner time! XiaoYu, Serene and I went to Graffiti Cafe? I believe it's called Graffiti Cafe? The one at Cine. 
But they have really awesome wanton noodles there! At $3.80 only! 
Worth every cent. 
Of course! We can't miss out on Desserts right?
Since I've never eaten such dessert before, and I've also wanted to try it for a long time.
It's "Ahboling dessert"! It's $2 per bowl. 
It was so yummy that I decided to recreate this dessert on my own. 
But I am still figuring out how. 

Jasmine's work ends at 10.30pm. Since we were still at Somerset at around 9.30pm, we just waited for Jasmine.
So we can head home together ^^
All of us were dead tired that day. 
But nonetheless we had Tons of Fun!!! That's what's most important right? <3

Thanks for reading!
Till the next post~